The Kelly Clarkson Vault
The Kelly Clarkson Vault (TKCV) is a not-for-profit fansite created by the fans and for the fans. TKCV aims to provide an ever-expanding archive of all Kelly Clarkson-related media in the best quality possible. Our archive offers everything from upscaled music videos, interviews, performances, appearances, and more. If you have a video you would like to submit to TKCV, please fill out our Submit form or tweet us on Twitter.

In order to access content on TKCV, you must apply for membership. Membership is free of charge and will be verified by an admin 72 hours after an application has been submitted. Once your membership has been approved, you will have access to our expanding archive which includes streams and downloads of every video. Members are NOT allowed to share accounts. Sharing any accounts is strictly forbidden, and any such activity will result in a ban from TKCV.

Streaming & Downloading
The video streams on the site are compressed versions to be easy on bandwidth. If you would like to view videos in full quality, be sure to click the “Show More” dropdown under each video and click the download link in the description. Sharing download links to the site is strictly forbidden and is punishable by a ban from TKCV.

If you take a look in the description of any videos on our website, you will notice a few pieces of information beneath the download link. One will be the resolution of the video, and the other will be the source. Different sources produce different quality of material. In some cases, you might see a video get updated to a new source when a better version comes along.
AIHD / AI4K: Footage that has been upscaled to HD/4K by use of artificial intelligence software.
FEED: Footage that has been received from the feed of a TV broadcast.
HDTV: Footage that has been screen-captured from an HDTV feed.
WEB-DL: Footage that has been direct-downloaded from a video stream.
WEB-Rip: Footage that has been screen-captured from the internet.
SDTV: Footage that been screen-captured from an SDTV feed.
VHS: Footage that been screen-captured by a VHS tape.

Dead Links / Dead Streams
We try our best to keep track of any dead links or streams. If we have missed one though, please contact us with a link to the dead link(s) and/or video(s).

Copyright / Takedowns
Again, The Kelly Clarkson Vault is a free fansite aimed at making content easily available to Kelly Clarkson fans. However, if you are a copyright holder to video(s) on our website and wish video(s) to be removed, please contact us before pursuing any legal action.